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Atlantic Seabreeze: Login

You have 3 chances to enter your UserID and Password correctly. After the 3rd attempt, you will have to wait for a period of 5 minutes before attempting again.
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Forgot your password? Type your email: . Hopefully, in a few minutes, you will receive it depending on the email system.
There had been a problem fetching passwords but it has been fixed. If you still have a problem, use the Feedback form .

If you want to be able to enter your schedule of appearances, basic info, profile, add information about your cd's and upload pictures, songs and videos, contact us at Atlantic Seabreeze to arrange for an UserID and Password.

If you have cd info added, a link will appear on your profile or list of appearances which will take a visitor to your list of cd's and any song information.

At the moment, it will take a day to set this up: 902.882.2364 (PEI) or Feedback.

For Groups:

To be able to enter your own information, you can use any recent browser on a Windows/Mac/Linux pc. A good screen resolution is 1280x1024.