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Old Beef Stringband EP Ride Home In Review
Contains 5 Tracks
By John Gavin, Tuesday, May 14, 2024


ASOldBeefStringbandCDRideHome.jpgThe Old Beef Stringband based in Halifax/mi'kma'ki,

Nova Scotia released their debut EP on May 10, 2024

entitled RIDE HOME.

The band is an acoustic old-time trio and their music

walks the line between celtic and country music.

They are: Ellen Kearney, vocls, guitar, mandolin

Amy Lounder, fiddle, vocals-Dane George, mandolin,

banjo, vocals , step dance.

The EP features a small but mighty selection of songs

and tunes that range from the bluegrass-inspired

The Love You Gave to the poetic folk sound of

Ride Home. An original fiddle tune entitled Cynthia

is included. Another song entitled Hot Sausage is a

new take on Asa Martin's old-time country-blues

song. The American stringband rendition of the

traditional song entitled Gospel Plough (featuring

percussive dance accompaniment!!) is included as well

.The 5 tracks are as follows:

Ride Home - Cynthia - Hot Sausage Mama - Gospel Plough

The Love You Give

Atlantic Seabreeze just received this EP and very

impressed with it's music. A five star out of 5 stars is

given to the EP and will be a welcome to all music lovers

music library.

The group will be on a short tour to PEI on May 15 and 17,

2024 promoting their music in Charlottetown and Summerside.

For more information regarding The Old Beef Stringband,

refer to their website, address posted above.