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Victoria Houser Releases Debut EP November 14 2023
Entitled, Somewhere Close To Home (4 songs)
By John Gavin, Monday, November 27, 2023


ASVictoriaHouserPromoPhoto.jpgVictoria Houser, singer/songwriter from Toronto just

released her debut 4 song EP (Somewhere Close To Home).

Victoria is an emerging singer/songwriter and is a talented Toronto-

based country/roots artist hailing from her home town of Hubbards,

Nova Scotia.

She released the first single, When You're Sober from the EP,

(Somewhere Close To Home) on November 14, 2023. It's an upbeat

unsually melancholic and infectious track. Along with the song launch

is a music video, which was recorded with live audio from

The Root Down in Toronto.

Victoria was influenced by her East Coast Upbringing. Her influence

can be heard in all of the 4 songs.

Here are the song titles:

When You're Sober - By The Ocean - Beautiful Dream - Hubbards

Victoria's music is a rich blend of traditional country, modern folk, deep roots and singer/songwriter influences, delivering authentic and

heartfelt storytelling at its core.

The released single, When Your Sober is set against an addictive melody that will stay with you long after the song ends. Its humour

and honesty make it a captivating addition to Victoria Houser's growing repertoire. The single delivers a warm palette of sounds.

acoustic guitars are accompanied by walking bass, bell-like electrics, train track drums, Calexico-style trumpets, and dancing fiddles.

Here are the musicians adding music to the EP:

Victoria Houser vocals and acoustic guitar

Chris Staig on electric and acoustic guitars

Dennis Mohammed on bass

David MacDougall on drums

Shelley Coopersmith on fiddle

Tim Hamel on trumpet

Victoria is an artist to watch in roots and country music and Atlantic Seabreeze can forsee much success for her in the future

with high ratings for this EP.