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Lawrence Curry CD Review I Sail To Thee
Contains 9 Songs-All Written and Sung by Lawrence
By John Gavin, Friday, October 13, 2023


ASLawrenceCurryISailtoTheeCD.jpgAtlantic Seabreeze just received a new CD from Lawrence Curry

entitled, I Sail To Thee. It's a Ode to his Celtic Roots with

soulful storytelling.

Lawrence is a singer-songwriter from Stellarton, Nova Scotia

and is a composer and sound designer and a multi-instrumentalist.

From one track to all the 9 tracks on the CD, the multi-instrumentalist

pulls inspiration from real-life tales and his own experiences to weave

individual, specific stories.

While writing these songs, he was inspired by his travels in Scotland.

The songs invites the listener to be part of every song, feeling as though

they themselves are included in the song.

Here are the song titles:

The Pirate Ned Jordan - Its Time I Let Her Know - When The Hard Snow Falls

Lizzy Dies Tonight - Half To Calais - Today Is Just Right

Spanish Dollar - Will You Walk With Me - Of Which Mortals Only Dream

Lawrence provided all music, acoustic and electric guitars except Scott Ferguson

on drums.

The album is a complete Ode to who he is and the people who have come before

him. The album reflects the history of his home Province, Nova Scotia.

Currie's hope is that each song is a story that will stay with the listener, long

after the music.

A great listening-to album and Atlantic Seabreeze gives this CD a full 5 Star

Rating out out 5 Stars.