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Freezerland Store Vandalized in Brampton
On Oct 12, 2019 Weekend
By John Gavin, Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Freezerland, a Newfoundland General store in Brampton, Ontario, has been vandalized on October 12 weekend, the second time within a year.

A stone was thrown through the window, bandits entered and stole the register.

This is very upsetting says Darrin Osmond, co-owner of the store. They cater to all Newfoundlanders in the area and beyond and try to make a decent living and don't accept such violent violence.

The store is very popular and sell all Newfoundland food products, clothes, souvenirs, music and even hold music showcases monthly.

Darrin asks all people in the area to watch out for the vandals and report any related incidents in the area to the store.

For any information regarding this crime Call Freezerland at 905-791-4983