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Michael T. Wall New CD Island of Newfoundland
Contains 18 Songs
By John Gavin, Thursday, November 22, 2018


Michael T. Wall, The Singing Newfoundlander has just released another CD

entitled, ISLAND OF NEWFOUNDLAND in November 2018.

Michael turned 80 years of age on November 2, 2018.

The CD contains 18 songs. Michael wrote or co-wrote 6 songs and the rest are traditional.

Here are the titles:

No Price Tag On The Doors In Newfoundland - Island Of Newfoundland

Memories Of The Newfie Bullet - Sinking of The Titanic - Lady of The Forest

Sweet Nellie-Back in '56 - The Hockey Song - Newfoundland, That's What

You Mean To Me-This Old Guitar of Mine - Cajun Queen - When The Plane

Touches Down In Deer Lake - The Newfie Sheik - Newfoundly Yours - My

Pretty Newfie Girl-The Mighty Vikings Came To Newfoundland - Sally's Harbour

Ode To Newfoundland

Michael wrote or co-wrote: Memories of The Newfie Bullet, Sweet Nellie,

Cajun Queen, Newfoundly Yours, My Pretty Newfie Girl, The Mighty Vikings

Came To Newfoundland. Michael's daughter wrote Lady of the Forest and

sings the song as well.

A great collection of songs and Michael sings 4 of Roy Payne's songs, entitled,

No Price Tag On The Doors in Newfoundland, Back in '56, Newfoundland That's

What You Mean To Me and When The Plane Touches Down In Newfoundland.

Another song sung by Michael is The Hockey Song written by Stompin' Tom Connors.

Michael does a fine job singing these songs and good ratings from Atlantic Seabreeze.

To purchase this CD and others by Michael, go to his e-mail: