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Conception Bay Showband Now on Facebook
Shed Partys Gone Phenomental October 2018
Face Book
By John Gavin, Saturday, October 13, 2018


*************Kevin Greenland, Tony Vokey, Lewis Parsons, Hedley Bradbury
A Shed Party, a Newfoundland tradition has gone viral on face book. They are keeping Newfoundland music alive.

Ever Saturday night around 8pm, Lewis Parsons, gather with wives and friends in a shed (different locations), for an evening of music, laughter, food and beverages. They bring their guitars and accordions to play a few tunes.

Its an unbelievable event and now local Lorraine Parsons (wife of Lewis) began streaming the fun on face book and to date 30,000 people have taken part. Viewers from around the world, as far away as Australia are viewing the Shed Party each Saturday.

Shed party's are held all over Newfoundland in small towns and happening for over 20 years. The party's are catching on especially with homesick Newfoundlanders living elsewhere who just like a good time.

Requests are pouring in from face book fans.

Click into Conception Bay Showband on face book and join all other viewers and enjoy the outstanding music of Newfoundland and Labrador.