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Dennis Ellsworth CD-Romantic As It Gets-In Review
Contains 10 New Songs
By John Gavin, Thursday, September 3, 2015


Dennis Ellsworth, singer/songwriter from P.E.I. has just released his fifth album in September 2015 on Busted Flat Records entitled, Romantic As It Gets.

His last CD Hazy Sunshine was produced by the Skydiggers' Josh Finlayson and brought in 2013 Music Awards for Roots Contemporary and Male Solo Recordings of the Year. David Barbe produced his latest recording and the results is a lush, timeless gem, with hints of Americana, folk, and roots-rock. It showcases an experienced songwriter hitting his stride.

Dennis has written songs in an impressive variety of styles. The dept of his already strong sense of melody and craftmanship is evident in each new effort. Romantic As It Gets features the outstanding songwriting and masterful musician that Ellsworth is known for. It is an album with many layers, magnificent texture and poignant lyrics.

Here are the 10 song titles:

Shakin' On The Plank - Full Moon Blues - Ghosts of Love

Make It Alright - Skyline River Valley Dream - Stay True

Shines The Sun In Your Mind - Mercy Doll - Beauty Is Sad

Dancing All Alone

Musicians performing on the CD:

David Barbe, bass, percussion, BG Vox

Thayer Sarrano, piano, organ, B G Vox

Matt Stoessel, electric guitar, pedal steel

Seth Hendershot, drums, BG Vox

In 2014 Ellsworth was named one of Canada's top ten new artists by the judges of the CBC Searchlight Contest. He also performed at the Lincoln Center in New York City as one of the twelve finalists in the International New Song Contest.

American Roots Music UK states: Ellsworth's vocals are better than most, the songs are beautifully written vignettes of observations of life and love and the instrumentation and playing are exceptional.

Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album a full 5 star rating out of 5 stars. Dennis does an exceptional job singing and one listening to this album one can tell that he writes from his heart. The music is certainly surperb on this album. This is an award winning album all the way, no doubt about it.

For more information regarding Dennis and his music, refer to his website, address posted above.