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Dan Doiron-CD-From Deep Inside-In Review
Contains 10 Tracks of Blues Music
By John Gavin, Saturday, April 6, 2013


Dan Doiron is a Blues Artist from Nova Scotia and has recently released in March 2013 his second album entitled, From Deep Inside, a follow -up release from April 2011 entitled, Even My Guitar is In Love With You. This album was his debut album and was nominated for both a Nova Scotia Music Award and an East Coast Music Award for 2012 Blues Album of the Year.

The new album has evolved as the bands' sound has developed while touring this past year. Their style combines rock, blues and funk influences with a heavy dose of electric guitar riffs, high energy grooves and fun.

The new album contains 10 tracks and here are the titles:

At The Hard Knocks Cafe - From Deep Inside - Let's Get Into It - Too Good To Me - What I Did Then - Still- What Did You Expect - Misunderstood - Am I Blue Enough - Last Chapter

Musicians include:

Dan Doron, guitars, vocals - Mike Carroll, drums - Keith Doiron, bass - Kim Dunn, organ

The CD is a superbly recorded and produced says Atlantic Seabreeze. The song writings are great and the music is excellent. A great listening CD and while listening to this album one can really notice how well produced this album is and the listener cannot stop playing the CD over and over again.

AtlanticSeabreeze gives this album 5 stars out of 5 stars on its rating list. To find more information about Dan Doiron and his music, refer to his website, address posted above.