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Sora-CD-Scorpion Moon-In Review
Contains 11 Song Composed by Sora
By John Gavin, Saturday, January 26, 2013


ASSoraCDScorpionMoon.jpg ASSoraJan2013No2.jpg
Sora, singer/songwriter/Pianist from Calgary, Alberta released another album (her fourth) entitled, Scorpion Moon in 2013.

In the classical world Sora's lushly textured Celtic froth is known as light music. On this new album, she travels through time with a song cycle that romances verities that have vexed a pantheon of philosophers, from Homer to Umberto Eco.The classically trained Calgarian has launched this latest album with an integrated online package, and a gatefold CD package that includes a 20-page, four color booklet. (David Farrell) Here are the 11 song titles:

Scheherazade (Scorpion Moon)-Hiraeth-Hero-Savage-Mermaid Song-City-The Tower-Hold-Piper-Proof of Life-Moving On

The album was produced by Douglas Romanow

A remarkable array of musicians help Sora on the CD and at times the music has classical qualities to it, is as enchanting as her lovely soprano voice. (Seaway News) From her lyrics that read as poetry, to her ability to breath life into even the oldest stories, to her overworldly voice, this much is clear: you have never heard anything like Sora.

Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album top ratings on its rating list and we forsee that this album will move her on to the next level.

For more information regarding Sora and her music, refer to her website, address posted above.