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Gadelle From PEI Releases New Self-titled CD
Containing 12 French Tracks
By John Gavin, Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Gadelle is a newly formed all girls group from the Evengeline Area of PEI The group comprises of Helene Bergeron and Louse Arsenault from the disbanded group, Barachois, Caroline Bernard and Paige Gallant.

The group have taken Acadian music by storm, filling theatres and concert halls, and taking out time travelling in Eastern Canada and USA as well to overseas. They just returned France in August 2009.

Caroline Bernard does vocals, plays piano, accordion, pump organ and guitar. Helene Bergeron plays piano, pump organ, guitar, foot pecussion and does vocals. Louise Arsenault plays fiddle, harmonica, foot percussion and does vocals. Samantha Gallant plays fiddle, octave mandolin, bass and foot percussion. They are managed by Grady Poe, former manager of Barachois.

Their new self-titled CD, just released in 2009, contains 12 tracks all done in French. The CD is quite impressive and the music is outstanding. Listening to the great fiddling of Louise Arsenault, makes one get up and dance. Watching the group live in concert is a musical event, with the whole group playing lively music and stepdancing throughout their shows.

Their French singing is in beautiful harmony and a joy to listen to. The group is on the way to receiving many noiminations and awards,. Atlantic Sebreeze gives their CD high ratings on its rating list.

To find out more information about Gadelle, go to their website, address posted above.