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All 11 Songs Written and Composed by Sora
By John Gavin, Sunday, May 10, 2009


SORA from Aberta Canada, just released a new CD entitled, Heartwood. In 2003 she released Winds of Change, a recording of Irish Folk songs and now she shifted focus to the original music she had within. Her background lies between the worlds of Celtic, Classical and Folk and she is entirely at home within her crystalline voice with a neoclassical style. With this new album, she has captured the drift of the human condition within the lyrics and notes on this album. Her words and melodies are invested in basic truths, simple ideals and common feelings.

The CD contains 11 breathing songs all written by Sora and here are their titles:



Twilight-Children of Lir-The Juniper

The Birch's Lament-Madron Well

This five star rated CD by Atlantic Seabreeze is a gem and listeners to this album will enjoy Sora's singing and her writings as well. Rave reviews are pouring in by the music industry and critics as well. Many talented musicians help Sora with the music namely: Douglas Romanow, Ray Dillard, Fergus and Hugh Marsh, Kevin Breit, George Koller, Gary Craig, Sharlene Wallace, Lenny and Wendy Solomon, Ronald Bal and Claudia Vena.

This flawless album tells the haunting stories of love, anguish, pain and hope and the listeners can discover the emotions and depth of the songs. She shares her touching personal stories and delivers to the listener her emotions. Throughout the album she writes about her influences by environment such as leaves, petals, rocks crystals and these are the heartgifts she shares with the listener. The album jacket contains all words of the 11 songs.

For more information about Sora and her music, click into her website, address posted above.