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A Collection of 13 Songs-10 Written By Kim
By John Gavin, Monday, October 30, 2006


Kim Beggs, singer/songwriter was born in Val d'Or, Quebec, raised in Northern OntarioASKimBeggsWanderersPaean.jpg and Toronto, and finally settled in the Yukon. She has an extraordinary voice filled with emotional intensity braced with songwriting that is strong, original and refreshing. She writes about things that move her. Her voice and performance style, have a haunting old-time quality that cut through a crowd with a raw serendipity. Her new CD, Wanderer's Paen is a follow-up to her debut CD entitled, Streetcar Heart. Kim wrote 10 of the 13 songs on the new CD. Here are the song titles:

Walking Down To The Station

Wanderer's Paean

Lay It All Down

Up From The River

Ain't Gonna Work

Lips Stained Red

Heartache Shoes

Feel A Little Glum

Pioneer And Doctor

All The Good Times

Banks of The Yukon

Cose By

Shipyards' Song

Amazing musicians help Kim produce great music on the CD and are namely; Annie Avery-Bob Hamilton-John Showman-Anne Louise Genest-Rick Fines-Natalie Edelson-Kim Barlow-Burke Carroll-Keitha Clark and Patrick Hamilton. The very attractive CD package contains all words to the songs which is a nice touch for the CD listeners. They can follow or sing along with the beautiful crafted songs while listening to Kim and her music.

Atlantic Seabreeze gives this fine CD high ratings on its rating lists. To purchase this CD by Kim Beggs, refer to her website, address posted above.