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Richard Wood - CD - Unbroken - In Review
Contains 13 Tracks
By John Gavin, Saturday, December 8, 2018


Richard Wood, stepdancing/fiddler from PEI just released in November, 2018 a new CD entitled UNBROKEN. He is considered as one of PEI's most energic and celebrated fiddler.In the past, Richard won 3 ECMA Awards and has been acclaimed by MacLean's Magazine as one of the top Canadians to watch in the 21st century.

Richard has been working on his new CD for some time and his aim was to make this CD his best to date. The CD contains 13 tracks and Richard certainly has come up with a winner allthe way says Atlantic Seabreeze. We forsee award nominations for this album.

Here are the track titles:

A.D.F. Be Mine (4 different tunes) -The Great Loxodonta - Colburn's Delight

Rainy Daze Medley (4 different tunes) - Ceilidh Funk - Leaving Stoer

Scottish/Irish/Galician Jig Medley (Contains 3 tunes) - Midnight G minor Fantasia

Richard and Faye's Return Medley (Contains 3 tunes) - Kings Court/The Mute Parrot

Finnegan's Lullaby - Circle Prologue - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Many musicians helped Richard with his music namely; Gordon Belsher, Natalie Williams Calhoun, Skip Holmes, Remi Arsenault, Mike Cowie, Todd MacLean, Brad Fremlin, Teresa Doyle and Caleb Acorn.

The last track No 13 on the CD entitled WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN is a masterpiece where several PEI music artists sang the song with Richard playing the fiddle. Here are the music artists:

Remi Arsenault-Gordon Belsher-Todd MacLean-Eddy Quinn-Joey Kitson-Janet McGarry,Serge Savard-Peggy Clinton-Kendall Docherty-Brady MacDonald-Charlene Belsher-Jolee Pataki

Teresa Doyle-Amy Argent-Kelley Mooney-Jon Matthews-Jill Chandler-Shelley Montreuil

Richard said, all of the music artists that helped him make this album are a testament that our

Prince Edward Island musical circle will never be broken. He dedicated this album to his late

mother and father, Bernice and Terry. The CD was produced by Richard and Gordon Belsher

and engineered and mixed by Gordon Belsher of (Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions, PEI)

An outstanding fiddling CD by Richard Wood, and Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album a 5 star rating out of 5 stars. For further information regarding Richard and his music,refer to his website, address posted above.