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Annie Sumi-CD-In The Unknown-In Review
Contains 14 songs all written by Annie
By John Gavin, Tuesday, October 17, 2017


ASAnnieSumiInTheUnknown.jpg ASAnnieSumiProfilePhoto.jpg
Annie Sumi is an Ontario-based folk singer-songwriter with a sound shaped by a varied musical influences, from Joni to Feist to Nick Drake and a dash of mystical songstress Kate Bush emerging in this album. This new album, In The Unknown, follows her successful album entitled, Reflections, released in 2015. This album was nominated for Best Contemporary Folk Recording and Female Vocalist at the 2016 Hamilton Music Awards and best Singer-Songwriter at the 2015 Toronto Independent Music Awards.

To date, the album is getting critical praise from many music critics. All 13 songs were written and composed by Annie and produced by Neil Whitford. In the songs she tells evocative stories that almost always have a positive and uplifting message. Gathering stories, both real and imagined, and weaving them into song is at the core of what this young artist has become.

Here are the song titles:

Evaporating Life - The City - Interlude: Inward Bound

Eye Of A Rose - Get By - Interlude: Song of The Lake

In Everything - Peter Pan - Nightingale

Interlude: Polyphone - Baby Blue - Helpless Dancer

Interlude: Easy Laughter - Time Is A Dream

Credits on the album:

Annie Sumi-Jaron Freeman Fox-Alan Mackie-Sam McLellan-Neil Whitford-Moria Burke, Liza McLellan, Emily Hau, Natalia Zielinski-Mike Ardagh-Lewis Melville-Gary Diggins-Joelle Westman-Mike Celia-Jonah Kissoon

This album is a very fine album says Atantic Seabreeze and we look for many nominations and awards for this fine album. A 5 star rating out of 5 stars on our rating list.

For more information regarding this album, refer to Annie's website, address posted above.