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Samantha Robichaud-CD-In The Green Room Reviewed
Contains 13 Tracks With Guest Music Artists
By John Gavin, Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Samantha Robichaud is a spirited performer, composer and recording artist from New Brunswick. She has been performing for a decade and a half as a professional fiddle player. She dances, does vocals and an all around entertainer.

Through the years Samantha earned a countless number of awards and trophies for her performances. Recently in 2013, she won MusicNB Music award for collaboration, musician of the year.

This album, The Green Room, features a stellar line-up of guests including: Matt Anderson-Dave Gunning-Ashley MacIsaac-Thom Swift-Alex Madsen-Curly Stubbs-The Treble-Benoit Bourque-Charlie A'Court-Irish Mythen-Chris Colepaugh-JP Cormier.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Millstream, in Toronto with Juno Award Winner Producer, Paul Mills at the helm.

Here are the Track Titles:

U-Turn-Here She Comes A Running (Dave Gunning, guest)Better Man Blues (Matt Anderson, guest)-Tulloch/Michael Reel (Ashley MacIsaac, guest)-One Way Track (Thom Swift, guest)-Be Where You Belong (Alex Madsen, guest)-Wishes(Curly Bay Stubbs, guest)-Abeline(The Treble, guest)-Reel A Marjo(Benoit Bourque, Guest)-Won't Let It Slip Away(Charlie A'Court, guest)-Jesus(Irish Mythen, guest)-200 Miles(Chris Colepaugh, guest)-Orange Blossom Special(JP Cormier, Guest)

This album will be a winner all the way says Atlantic Seabreeze and gives the album a 5 Star rating out of 5 stars. With all the guests on joining Samantha on the album, makes the album a very exciting one for the listeners. Samantha shines throughout the album and she thanks all those to help make her dream come through.

For more information regarding Samantha and her music, go to her website, address posted above.