Atlantic Seabreeze: Attention Musical Artists
Celtic, East Coast and Country Music in Canada

Please contact Atlantic Seabreeze and let us know about you. Send us your portfolio, pictures, and other information. Artists who have CD's or cassettes should submit them with their portfolio.

Or for more timely updating of your schedule of appearances, contact information, profile, and putting pictures of yourself on the website, you can get an userid/password. This will allow you to keep your information more current. Because our time is divided among many artists, we may not be as timely as you wish.

In order to use the userid effectively, you do need access to a Windows machine running Windows 95/98/NT/2000. You also need to use Internet Explorer 4 or better. This is because this particular combination has the functionality to allow on-line entry of information in a very easy way.

Many opportunities are coming up for your type of Music. There are openings in clubs, festivals, and jam sessions everywhere. Here is a chance for you and your music to get exposure and promoted. There are also opportunities to get your music promoted in the United States through Atlantic Seabreeze as well.

As Canadians, we must get our great Music out there in Radioland.

john gavin, publisher

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